Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I Made My Very First Diaper Cake!

IMG_3080 IMG_3087
The front and back of my first diaper cake!

When I was pregnant with Chase, my girlfriend made me a diaper cake for my baby shower. The diapers really came in handy as we went through so many of them during those first few months. I knew I'd want to pay it forward someday and that day came when we celebrated my girlfriend's coed baby shower this past weekend.

I used a big Costco sized box of #1 diapers and a smaller box of newborn diapers for this cake - over 250 diapers in total. And with all those diapers, this cake weighed a ton! I wrapped a square cork bulletin board with cute fabric to use as the base. Then added a few goodies throughout - a couple of books, Motherhood nipple cream (so silky smooth!), and a cute onesie.

Playing Corn Hole in LA

It was funny that so many people thought the cellophane-wrapped cake was a real cake with frosting and were disappointed to find out that it was a diaper cake! But the real fun was reconnecting with old friends, sharing stories of life and our little ones (when applicable), playing competitive corn hole in the backyard, and toasting to the new soon-to-be parents with some good home-brewed beer!

Drinking home-brewed beers

Now I'm not much of a beer connoisseur, but I did enjoy their Cream Ale. Refreshingly light and absolutely perfect on a warm, sunny LA afternoon.

I'm inspired by them to try a new hobby of my own one day - winemaking! I wonder if we can grow grapes in our backyard? (Going on the bucket list!)

IMG_3105 IMG_3270
Celebrating Baby Mojo!
Oh, happy babies!


Elay Burd said...

The diaper cake is absolutely... delicious. Thank you for documenting my shower on your blog. I feel so special. Can't wait to have you over again real soon! xoxo

BoLA said...

Hi Elay Burd, I have all the photos for you! And you are super special, momma! Love you! Xoxo!

La Belle said...

That is soooo cute!

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