Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Eating Out > Umami Burger Cravings

Truffle Burger, Umami Burger
My Favorite LA Burger

I'm surprised that I've only written about Umami Burger once before {back in 2010} since it's one of my all time LA favorites.

My first taste inspired a Christmas carol. This time, I'd like to write in haiku.

Buttery brown buns
Sandwich umami flavors
Life is made better.

When I crave a burger, it's this one that I want to sink my teeth in. What makes the meal even better, though, is a side of lightly fried, crisp tempura onion rings and another of the cheesy tater tots.

Oh, truffle burger... you complete me!

Happy eating!

Umami Burger
street: 850 S. La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles 90036
tel: 1.323.931.3000
hrs: M to S: 11a to 10p; Su: 11a to 9p
url: www.umamiburger.com


KirkK said...

Man, I still have to check this place out.....I'm dying having to read about it soooo much! ;o)

BoLA said...

Hey Kirk-san, Do you and Missus make it up to LA often? We should meet up the next time you're here!

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