Thursday, July 26, 2012

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Lemon Cupcakes, Magnolia Bakery
A BoLA Favorite!

On my way to my grandma's house, I had a sudden urge for cupcakes. In particular, lemon cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery. It's one of my favorites, and a flavor my grandmother loves as well. I didn't know if they would have them or what flavors would be behind the glass display case, but I'd never been disappointed with a Magnolia cupcake. So off I went to pick up a box full of these little babies...

eggy shop
Love the artwork & the bold orange wall!

But on my way to the bakery, I stumbled upon the cutest little baby boutique - eggy on 3rd. The "Sale" sign tempted me in, and I was surprised to find that most of the items were 40 or 50% off their regular retail price.

Puppets & Mini-Lounger, eggy shop Cool Hats, eggy shop

I was drawn in by the absolutely adorable miniature sized clothes, chic kid accessories, and bright pops of color. And I spent a good half hour just browsing through baby boy items for Chase.

Looking around, I fell in love with the above orange baby sofa {which reminded me of the mandarin colored daybed we have in Chase's room} and the super cool cosmic pillow that gave a great contrast of color to the space.

Lovely Strips of Fabric, eggy shop
Lovely streamers of fabrics!

Now, I know that babies grow out of their clothes so fast, but when I spied a few items on sale, {such as a multi-colored button-down shirt, a bright orange cardigan and some cute, adjustable, striped Bermuda shorts}, I knew they'd be great for Chase. And since most of his outfits have been gifts or hand-me-downs, I rationalized that it was OK to spend just a little more than I normally would on clothes. Plus, who can resist a good sale?

Basket of Soft Goodies, eggy shop Toys, Toys, Toys! at eggy shop

There were all sorts of great plush toys, puppets, and other goodies that I know Chase would love when he's a little older {and if we had a bit more space for them}. But what I loved most was sharing stories about Chase with the shop manager, Emily. She mentioned that Jen, the shop owner, was expecting her second baby any day, and shared with me a framed photo of Jen with her beautiful daughter. I love the fact that I'm supporting another mom's venture and dream by shopping at her store.

Wishing Jen all the best as she welcomes a new addition to her family!

Happy eating & shopping!

add: 8365 West 3rd Street | Los Angeles, CA 90048
tel: 1.323.658-8882

Magnolia Bakery
add: 8389 West 3rd Street | Los Angeles, CA 90048
tel: 1.310.951.0636

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