Sunday, January 02, 2011

BoLA Favorite: Siam Chan

Large Tom Yum Kai, Siam Chan


I started this blog when MS and I started out as friends. And six years later, our friendship has since blossomed into much more.

Over the years, we've also developed some favorite places to eat. I hesitate to reveal some of them in the fear that the next time we go, there will be many more people who know our secrets.

But with the explosion of bloggers, yelpers, and a plethora of other foodies online, there really are no food secrets in LA.

So on cold weekend nights, we love to go to our local Thai restaurant, Siam Chan, for the usual dinner of:

Large Tom Yum Kai [6.75] as a starter - this soup is sweet and sour with a kick of heat and comes with a good helping of mushrooms and chicken. I also ask for a large rice [1.50] so I can put a scoop into my soup which is how I like to eat it.

Chicken Satay, Siam Chan

Chicken Sa-Tae with peanut sauce and cucumber salad [5.75] as another appetizer. Again, I eat these skewers with rice mixed up with some extra peanut sauce. The cucumber slices with red onions are another favorite.

Then comes the Pad Thai Noodles with shrimp, chicken and vegetables [7.75] - not too sweet, we like to mix the noodles with some rice too.

It's generally a lot of food that we order, but it's so good that we finish every last morsel.

The restaurant is on Colby just south of Santa Monica, on the west side of the street. If it's not too cold or wet, we'll walk to Siam Chan for one of their six or so tables. Otherwise, there's some street parking, metered and not if you can find it.

No beer or wine, but I've seen other diners bring their own.

So the secret's out and I'm hoping that the next time we go, the wait won't be too long.

Siam Chan
street: 1611 Colby Avenue, West Los Angeles, CA 90025
tel: 1.310.444.4981
M-Th: 11:30am to 10pm;
F-Sa: 11:30am to 11pm;
Su: 12 to 9pm

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