Saturday, April 14, 2007

Random: What's in my Drawer?

Desk Drawer

A few weeks ago, Pirikara from Mikey Hates Everything, posted on what's in her snack drawer.

I laughed out loud because I have one just like hers, and mine can be seen above. Although, I'll need to restock the back of my desk drawer with some instant microwaveable rice and Japanese curries for times I forget my lunch. (I ate my stash in a matter of days.)

And after today's closing of the Marina del Rey's Vons for renovations, I picked up a lot more snacks to put in my drawer and in my office candy dish. Everything was 50% off and I loaded up on chocolates, granola bars, and teas in addition to baking goods and spices for home.

I wonder what else would be good to stash in my drawer?

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Petey said...

I have arare crackers, the kind with nori. They never seem to last throughout the week...

bohemian droolpillow said...

i dont have a secret stash :(

but then again in consulting you rarely even have a desk...

who needs snacks stashes when you have community frig's. eh eh eh

Pirikara said...

Haha, nice! You keep your drawer so clean~!

BoLA said...

Hey Petey! Mmm... Arare crackers are so OISHII! ;) The ones with the nori are my favorite too! I just don't like the ones that are super spicy!

Hey MS! You need a secret stash in your car! LOL!

Hey Pirikara! Heehee... well, it was only clean THAT day when it knew the camera was looking. ;) heehee!

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