Monday, February 26, 2007

Step 1: Admitting I'm a Sasabune Addict

seafood jewels, Sasabune Omakase
Sasabune Omakase at the sushi bar: blue fin tuna, toro, salmon with sea kelp, amaebi sweet shrimp, scallop, and so much more!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm a hopeless romantic. Some may even say that I'm just hopeless. So when I'm in love, I tend to fall hard. And as much as I hate to admit it, I love the feeling of being in love.

Sasabune Abalone with yuzu pepper sauce
Abalone with a bite, spicy yuzu pepper sauce.

Sure, when I fall that hard, it usually ends with me hurting like hell. As if my insides have been ripped out of my very own soul. And the lump inside my throat seems like if it will never go away.

But when I'm deep in it, there's nothing else on my mind and I get lost in feelings of intense euphoria.

Sasabune Lobster Special
Special Lobster dish - absolutely delicious and my favorite of the night! Cooked with a butter, sake, miso-flavored sauce.

So unabashedly, I admit that I am completely and utterly in love with Sasabune.

In all honesty though, it's probably more like an unhealthy addiction.

It started with a nice birthday dinner out in October, then a dinner to celebrate my Christmas bonus, and next was an innocent introduction amongst family and friends.

BoLA's favorites, Sasabune
My all-time favorites: toro ice, blue crab roll, and lychee sorbet.

But soon after my last meal, I couldn't control myself and made reservations to come back two nights later. It was as if I needed my Sasabune fix.

It was intoxicating. The rush of sitting in front of Nobi and Hiroki again. Ordering crab roll after succulent, mouthwatering crab roll. Satisfying the urge to savor each bite of delicious sushi goodness. Chilled toro ice melting on the tongue. Drinking sweet Kurosawa and Sapporo. Finishing the light, fresh, fruity homemade lychee sorbet. Only to want more. More. SO MUCH MORE!

That's when I knew.

I was hooked.

I had fallen.


And there was no turning back.

Sushi Sasabune
street: 12400 Wilshire Blvd | Los Angeles, CA 90025
tel: 1.310.268.8380 = or = 1.310.820.3596

*a correction to my previous post: sushi should be eaten dark to light.
*not open during the weekends. open m-friday only.
*sushi chefs cannot drink until after 9pm. order them a round after the 9 o'clock hour.

currently listening to:
"Lost in Love" from Greatest Hits Album
by New Edition


Taste-Buzz said...

In order for it to qualify as an addiction, it's gotta be something that you know deep down you have to stop doing, which obviously is not the case (money and waistline permitting).

Sounds more like you've got a Sasabune Love Jones.

BoLA said...

Hey Taste-buzz! If only you knew... I NEED TO STOP! LOL!

Juicy Juice said...


I still love you, even if you are an addict.


Juicy Juice

P.S. We're going there when I officially hear news...

eatdrinknbmerry said...

Kristy, you aren't cheating on MS are you? who is this Sasabune guy? He seems to be knocking you off your feet.

JK. I love blue crab hand rolls. I really liked them at Nozawa. Sasabune is next for me & J. Yum.

KirkK said...

OK BoLa - You got me now....I think we'll be hitting there soon!

BoLA said...

Hey Juicy! Thanks for loving me unconditionally! ;) Let me know when you hear the good news!

Hey EDnbM! Sasabune's my West LA beau when MS is in Irvine. It's OK - it's not cheating when MS and I have an understanding. ;) Can't wait to hear what you and J think!!! Remember - sit with either Nobi himself or my favorite, Hiroki.

Hey Kirk-san! Come visit LA again!!! :D

Taste-Buzz said...

Actually, my friends and I are headed to Sasabune tomorrow night. Not that I should be an enabler or anything... :D

GT said...

Guess I'll have to make a trip soon. Btw, New Edition pick was golden :) Starting to date yourself now...hahaha

BoLA said...

Hey Taste-buzz! Aww... man! Now I've got major Sasabune envy!!! Enjoy your dinner out tomorrow night!!! Let me know if you get something new and delicious!

Hey GT! For sure, Sasabune is a must! And it must have been FATE b/c New Edition started playing from my iTunes shuffle mix! LOL!

Taste-Buzz said...

Other than the early work of the Beatles, I'd say that New Edition is the greatest boy band of all time.

Tokyoastrogirl said...

That lobster roll could be eaten off the page. Hey- if you're going to have an affair with anyone, I'd have it with sushi too.

BoLA said...

Hey Taste-buzz! I like the way you think! ;)

Hey TAG! That lobster dish was SO OISHII-YO! A girl can only resist so much... LOL!

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