Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My Date at the Newly Renovated Griffith Observatory and Tangier's

Griffith Observatory - friends

I was so excited to get a sneak peek into the newly renovated Griffith Observatory. And since I didn't want to go solo, I called a few friends whom I knew would be just as thrilled as me to come with me.

It was a beautiful LA afternoon as we boarded our chartered shuttle bus up to the Observatory. And we were greeted by Councilman Tom LaBonge who welcomed us to the historic landmark with a few charming Hollywood stories.

Like little kids on a field trip, we hurriedly rushed past the crowd around a docent-led discussion to get down the stairs to check out what was new. Into the new Depths of Space exhibit area, we found most of the beloved planetary scales working but were a little disappointed with a lot of the unfinished exhibit displays.

Griffith Observatory - telescope

We were happy to find the swinging pendulum still there, (just without its pegs that day). And of course, the beautiful views from the Observatory were just like I remembered them to be - absolutely breathtaking as the bright orange hues of the sun set beneath the distant Hollywood hills.

Tangier - French Onion Soup Tangier - Chicken Curry

After a good hour and a half of our touring and reminiscing our high school days, we were all famished and drove out to Tangier Restaurant for some good eats. The parking on Hillhurst proved to be difficult at around 6:30pm so I valeted my Hybrid for $5 in their small restaurant lot.

The inside of Tangier was pretty dark and empty so we got our pick of tables. We chose to sit by the street window to do a little people watching with our dinner. We ordered a bottle of Sterling Merlot among the three of us to get us started with our night out on the town. I ordered the French Onion Soup [$8.99, pictured above] while CLB and TW shared the Tomato Bisque Soup [$7.50]. The soup hit just the right spot on that chilly evening with lots of cheese goodness and sweet carmelized onions. Both CLB and TW ordered the Ruby Murray Chicken Curry [$13.95, pictured above]. The curry was mild and went well with the basmati rice.

Tangier - Black Cod

But one bite of the Miso Glazed Black Cod [$23.95], and I knew that it was one of their signature dinner items - the kind that brings people coming back for more. Sweet, tender bites of white fish melted in the mouth like butter, and was so delicious that I ate my entire plate - including wasabi mashed potatoes and baby bok choy.

With good food, great company, and an amazingly gorgeous view of the city, dinner and a date up to the Griffith Observatory can never be wrong.

Griffith Observatory
street: 2800 East Observatory Road | Los Angeles, CA | 90027

Tangier Restaurant
street: 2138 Hillhurst Ave | Los Angeles, CA | 90027
tel: 1.323.666.8666


elmomonster said...

That sounds like a lovely night out. Haven't been to the Griffith Observatory since I was a little kid!

yoony said...

hi bola,
t was nice to meet you at pam's party. :) dang there were a lot of food bloggers there!

Chubbypanda said...

Marinate any fish in miso and you've got a party. Looking good!

- Chubbypanda

Jeni said...

Thanks for the invite...sorry I couldn't go!

rameniac said...

i normally think of tangier as a music venue, but i actually recall having a pretty righteous angus beef burger there. their skinny fries were pretty good too. man i gotta check out the new observatory!

Anonymous said...

Pass me a fork! The curry wins my vote...the miso cod fish looked good too but I'm not really a fan of cod. BTW I don't think you know me?


BoLA said...

Hey Elmomonster! The Observatory opens up to the public soon. I can't wait to go back when the nights are clear to check out Mars! =)

Hi Yoony! Great job at the party again! Can't wait for our Santa Barbara foodblogging trip! =D

Hey Chubbypanda! I *love* parties! I love miso fish parties even more! ;)

Hey Jeni! So good partying with you this weekend! Thanks for taking pics that night! The food was SooooO good! Weddings are almost always a blast! Especially with friends like you!

Hey Rameniac! Yes... I think there was an artist at the restaurant that night. But with a peek into the next room, there were only a few lost looking souls in the audience. I stuck with the food and thought I'd check out the music venue on a more happening night. Hmm... skinny fries are awesome! FAT fries are the BOMB! ;)

Hey Kyle! I love Indian curries too... so OISHII! But the fish definitely won that night. Hands down! Do you have a food/LA blog too???

drool pillow said...

pho shizzle, the griffith looks just as cool as it was back in da day. I want to check it out again one of these days.

Kirk said...

Hi BoLA - Wow, so the observatory is finally going to re-open. Didn't it seem like the renovation took forever.....

Professor Salt said...

Hey BoLA,

Y'know, I didn't grow up here nor have I been to the observatory. Can't wait to visit when it opens! Thanks for the preview.

BTW, did you scan the onsite cafe? Patty's got a preview on here blog:

BoLA said...

Hey DP! We should check it out together... I just don't think they have the laserium show anymore. :(

Hey Kirk! It did seem like forever!!! How long was it closed again? Something like 5 years?! Anyhow, I'm glad it's reopening and can't wait to star gaze on clear nights!

Hey Professor! Yes, I briefly peeked my head into the cafe but didn't venture inside. Kind of reminded me of any other museum/gallery cafe. But maybe next time... And yes, I saw Pat's review of it too! I love sneak peeks!!! =D

Brian said...

hey bola, nice. haven't been to griffith in quite a while. i used to go all the time in college. i definitely have to go!

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