Friday, September 01, 2006

101 Coffee Shop. Throwback for Swingers.

Hollywood Golden Fries, 101 Coffee Shop

The movie, that is.

I remember watching this hilarious movie about a guy and his actor friends trying to make it in Hollywood. My girlfriend and I laughed as Mikey blundered over his newfound single-dom. But in the end, found ourselves cheering for him because really, he was "money."

On our first day back to work, some colleagues and I headed to the 101 Coffee Shop for a nice long lunch. I was excited to go because I remembered foodblogger friend Colleen Cuisine writing up her visit but couldn't remember that the onion rings were the thing to order.

Instead, I asked the other five folks who were with me for their recommendations. After CT mentioned the "DELICIOUS" Sweet Potato Fries, I ordered the side basket to share with the table. They were good with just the right amount of salt, and I dabbed them with some Heinz ketchup. But I think I'm still partial to the mixed fries at GR/Eats.

101 Coffee Shop on Franklin Avenue

And I don't know why, but I ordered the Macaroni and Cheese when everyone else got healthy sandwiches and a breakfast special. But I do love my carbs. When our food came out (after waiting a long while), I thought my dish actually looked (and tasted more like) scrambled eggs with cheese. Nothing memorable, I loaded up on my carb intake and was just happy that I was in good company.

Next time, I'll just make my mac and cheese from scratch - nothing's better than homemade. But for an informal bite out to eat with friends and colleagues, The 101 Coffee Shop is just the thing.

The 101 Coffee Shop
street: 6145 Franklin Ave | Los Angeles, CA 90025
tel: 1.323.467.1175


LA City Nerd said...

Their milkshakes are the best!

Colleen Cuisine said...

the milkshakes are indeed awesome, and you really do gotta go back for the onion rings. I think the mac and cheese is just OK - Brian always orders his extra well done and it seems to come out perfect with a crispy cheese crust and all. but the BoLA mac and cheese special is probably still the best!

BoLA said...

Hey LA City Nerd! Dude... I better take my Lactaid pill for those milkshakes the next time I go. LOL! Thanks for the heads up!

Hey CC! So, a strawberry (my favorite flavor) milkshake with some onion rings - check! Ahh... mac and cheese extra well done sounds good! I love the burnt parts of cheese.. heheh! Once it gets cooler this winter, I'll bake my homemade mac n'cheese with some BBQ chicken. So good together!!! Gotta love comfort foods!

Jeni said...

Hey BOLA...I'm gonna need a mojito night next week. You down??? (*^o^*)

carla said...

It's the company and the jukebox that I really like at cafe 101!

Kirk said...

Hi BoLA - Good to know you're surviving and thriving in the new job. About carbs.... for us back "home" it ain't no meal unless there's(at least) three carbs......

BoLA said...

Hey Jeni! I'm always down. Just let me know when. =)

Hey Carla! Thanks for stopping by! Yes... it's all about the company. Next time, I'll have to hit up the jukebox with a strawberry shake! ;)

Hey Kirk! Maybe my carb intake - I get from my Dad and his Hawai'i roots. LOL! I may be heading down to SD this weekend... we'll see how it goes.

Rachael said...

I think you forgot to mention that Swingers was filmed there...


Here is a tip, never, ever order their blueberry pie. It is frightning rubbery gloppy ickiness.

The fries do rock though!

BoLA said...

Hey Rachael! Thanks for swinging on by and yes... I didn't say that the movie was filmed there. Was hoping someone would comment about it. ;)

Also... thanks for the pie-tip. I look goop but not gloppy, rubbery goop. ;)

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