Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sweet Pazzo Gelato Goodness

As I left work the other day, I noticed a gull taking a bath in a fountain. I cautiously crept forward to get a closer look and noticed that I was being spied as well. My seemingly newfound friend was eyeing me carefully, and took to flight when I got too close. But before he flew away, I snapped this photo.

I smiled as I watched him fly away into the blue sky, and I couldn't help but to feel happy with life and the simple things that bring me joy.

Youthful innocence...

Good friends...

Sweet dessert.

Later that same evening, I met up with two food friends for some good eats and good company. Driving down Sunset Blvd in Silverlake, we noticed a quaint corner gelato shop and made a mental note to come back after our dinner out.

We kept driving and found our destination: Malo just a little further down the gelato shop.

The three of us entered the relatively industrial and modern Mexican restaurant, and found it to be dark and pretty empty at around 7pm. On a warm summer night, we hoped to sit in their outdoor patio but were disappointed to find it reserved for a large private party. Instead, our server pointed us toward their dining area or toward a table behind the "magic red curtain" that led to the bar area. The fully-stocked bar was already packed with patrons drinking the night away.

We opted for the more subdued dining area - after all, we were there to dine, catch up over lost years, and talk food.

After a quick rundown of the menu, we ordered a couple mojitos and a sangria along with some tortilla chips with two kinds of salsa: the Burnt Habanero and Creme Fraiche [$4] and the Fresh Tomato and Serrano Chile [$4]. We also tried the Eggplant and Potato Hard Tacos - 2 to an order [$5], the Shrimp Diablo [$12], Chili Rojo - marinated pork shoulder, and a side dish of Spanish Rice [$2].

The food came out on small plates and had very distinct flavors that sung in my mouth. The habanero and creme fraiche salsa's thick consistency coated the chips well and had a lingering heat that left me thirsting for more of their cucumber infused tap water. The tomato and serrano chile salsa was mild in comparison but with just the right amount of kick to it. The unusual sounding tacos were tasty, but just that - unusual. With the crispy outer tortilla layer fried, it was like any other taco I've had. But the soft and gooey texture of the cooked eggplant and potato inside the crispy taco skin was nothing like I've had before. Mild and starchy, it was a good blend with the hot and spicy Devil Shrimps that came in a hot garlic habanero and creme fraiche sauce. And the tender pork had a nice salty flavor that went well with a spoonful of rice.

Not entirely full from our dinner, I reminded our Three's Company that we needed to stop by for some dessert and I was happy that my two companions agreed.

We parked on the side street adjacent to Pazzo Gelato, and walked into the brightly lit and colorful Italian sweet shop. My eyes lit up as I saw brilliantly painted prints on the walls and the beautiful palette of colors underneath the cool freezer glass. I wondered if they had my favorite Mango flavor (which they didn't), but spied the almost empty bin of my second favorite flavor of Lychee!

I ordered a small cup of the sweet goodness and was so happy I did. It was the perfect ending to a pretty good day. With great food and great friends, it's always an adventure.

malo taqueria chicana in silverlake
street: 4326 sunset blvd | los angeles, ca| 90029
tel: 1.323.664.1011
valet or street parking

pazzo gelato in silverlake
street: 3827 w sunset blvd, b/t hyperion & lucile aves.
tel: 1.323.662.1410
street parking & small lot


Jeni said...

That was a pricey afterwork snack! Next time, we'll snack elsewhere and drink at Malo! I love your Pazzo Gelato picture!

BoLA said...

Hey Jeni! I hear ya on the pricey afterwork snack! Was so happy that we ended up at the Gelato shop!!! And yes...the mojito was lovely and definitely worthy of an afterwork drink.

And again....Hapi Basudei!

green LA girl said...

I recognize that fountain -- it's the one behind Doheny, yes?

Ah -- school --

BoLA said...

Hey Green LA Girl! are quite the sleuth, aren't you? ;) hehe! This morning, I saw another gull (or maybe the same one) bathing in the fountain in front of Leavey. =)

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