Monday, May 22, 2006

food for the eager & curious

my rendering of still life fruit, garlic, ginger and microplane

What better way to give than to give with your heart and feed your sweetheart with foods that are natural aphrodisiacs.

Last Friday, MS and I met five other couples for a Date Night with Chef Diane Brown, author of The Seduction Cookbook. It was a fun night of good eats and drink, great company, and much laughter in the kitchen.

Here's a pictoral play-by-play of our fun and fabulous menu:

date night menu and place setting

kitchen prep stations with cutting boards, towels, and knives

sea of dumplings with scallops, scallions, and ginger

summer kiwi and cucumber cold gazpacho soup with creme fraiche and mint

heart cut-out beet, blood orange, and asian pear salad with mache greens

seared pepper and kosher salt ahi tuna with sherry soy sauce

asian spiced apple crumble with raisins and mint

Chefs Inc - Date Night w/Chef Diane Brown
cooking instruction for the eager and the curious
street: 10955 pico blvd | los angeles, ca | 90064
t: 1.310.470.2277


Peter said...

I wonder who did such a fine job with the kiwi & cucumber gazpacho and the seared tuna? Was nice to meet you and "MS"...I'll email you some links to my pictures as well later today. BTW, I love your site! Very informative and useful.

Kirk said...

Wow quite a spread. The food looks like it'n on the "healthy" side as well.

BoLA said...

Hey Peter! Go Team Ahi Tuna and Kiwi/Cucumber Gazpacho! =) Thanks for the links of your pictures too! And for the kind comments on this blog. I just do it for fun and to help me remember where I've been and what I've eaten. Memory tends to bend a bit with age. ;)

Hey Kirk-san! Yes, the food was light and healthy too. Great for a date night out. ;)

drule pillage said...

Who made that hot seared ahi tuna? damnnn that looks was goooood.

Wazzup with the blurred pick? very vintage indeed

BoLA said...

Hey DP! You and Peter did a great job with the fish. It was mmm...mmm...delicious with a definite pepper kick to it! And went great with the sweet, subtle flavors of the scallop dumplings. As for the blurred picture, it's my way of digitally painting. I'm thinking of picking up my oils and brushes again. After our Santa Monica Pier excursion, I'm inspired to paint again. =)

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