Monday, January 30, 2006

Singing Happy Birthday at Oiwake's,
Karaoke style


Oh my! It's been a long while since I've gone to Oiwake's. (About five years?) Located in the Japanese Village Plaza on the second floor and accessible from the parking lot, this Japanese restaurant and karaoke bar reminds me of something I'd find out in Michigan. Lacquered wood, big screen television with the Laker game, other tv screens around the restaurant, and a cheesy mirrored disco ball to get you in the mood for some John Travolta and Olivia Newton John's "Summer Lovin'". With any karaoke place, you've got a plethora of songs to choose from - just flip the sheet protected pages like FM in the above picture, write down the number associated with your favorite song, and...voila! You're an instant star!

MS and I went to Oiwake's for dinner and drinks to celebrate our friend AO's birthday. But no one from our party wanted to go up and sing or dance in front of an audience. Instead, we cheered others on by clapping, shouting, and whistling. Some guy who turned another year older in his 30s belted out a bad bout of Britney's "Oops, I did it again!" This guy told some pretty lame jokes after a few drinks but had fun nonetheless. After all, that's what it's all about - having a good time.

When our waiter came by for our dinner orders, MS and I got a couple teri plates and some pitchers of whatever was on tap. I ordered the beef teriyaki plate that came with a side of iceberg lettuce salad, a bowl of white rice, and an orange slice. MS ordered one of the combos with chicken teriyaki, miso soup, and some fried gyoza. (Lucky for me, he always lets me sample a bite from his plate!) My beef was nice and sweet, dripping with just enough sauce. Too bad I had to cut off a lot of fat from my meat. (sorry, no pictures of the food.)

We enjoyed the bar food with a few glasses of cold beer. Listening to some of the older crowd get up and sing was good. Watching some of their funky moves, however, was another story.

A tip given to us by our friendly waiter was to NOT order any of their noodle dishes...

"Do not get the ramen here. It's not that good."
- check! I'll just stick with my favorite Ramenya on Sawtelle.

But for some casual eats and low key fun, I may head out to Oiwake's to relive some college memories and if I'm extra daring and spunky, get up and sing my little heart out.

Oiwake - where you can "eat, drink, sing, have fun"
street: 122 Japanese Village Plaza. Los Angeles, CA. 90012
t: 1.213.628.2678
hrs: lunch buffett | 11a-3p
dinner buffett | 5p-9p
karaoke | 9p-2a


Kirk said...

Hi Kristy - The Missus and I have been to Oiwake a few times, usually late, and usually for some low-key(and off key) Karaoke(Knock Three Times) and beers. We usually would eat somewhere else first, though.

Mcpartnerincrime said...

Oiwake is a good place to escape the whole hollywood scene and chill & relax with some good company, cheap beers, and singin opportunities. i like it... and its one of the few places in the JA community i've visited after hours.

What did you think of alan's drunken shinanigans again? that guy is off-the-wall comedy..(remember mammoth?)

we have to eat at the shabu shabu place right next door soon though... i love that place!

eatdrinknbmerry said...

Hi Bola,
hey i wanna go here. let's go! i wanna eat good food and sing rick astley haha. MS told me about this last night. I like honest waiters... many times i've been to a place and asked what NOT to get and they've spoken the truth. Nice review Bola.

Daily Gluttony said...

Aww, you didn't get up and sing??? LOL!

I say we go karaoke for our next foodlogging GTG. That way we can hear Dylan sing Rick Astley and I can belt out my infamous "Just A Gigolo"

BoLA said...

Hey Kirk! Would love to hear you and the Missus belt out a few karake songs with some Sapporo!

Hey McPartner! Yes...Alan is quite the guy! ;) And how can I forget Mammoth??? Mmm...shabu shabu! That place is ALWAYS crowded!!!

Hey EDnbM! Rick Astley?!!!!! "Never Gonna Give You Up..." muhahah! That's just as bad as Paula Abdul's "Straight up, now tell me..."

Hey Pam! hahah....nope, no singing for me that night. I prefer the little Karaoke rooms cuz I'm a little shy like that. LOL! Ooo...scary picture. Food bloggers gone wild! ;)

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