Friday, January 20, 2006

My Big Fat Greek Dinner at Papa Cristo's

papa cristo's shiny, cymbal clapping, belly dancing lady

Meet one of my new la.foodblogging friends, Neal.

The other day, a group of us from the la.foodblogging world had a live meet up to have some good LA eats with some good LA drinks. The overwhelming consensus was to meet at Papa Cristo's on Pico, just minutes away from where I was coming from...Lucky me! Thursday nights are "My Big Fat Greek Family Style Dinner" nights with prix fixe menus, wine tasting, and belly dancing entertainment - all for about $18.95.

A great review of the night can be found here at Pam's Daily Gluttony.

We all had our digital cameras with us, ready and poised to snap photos of our food. It was as if it was a normal part of our daily dinner routines. No questions asked. No funny faces or laughter. Only support. Support for our fascination and somewhat obsessive hobbies of eating and blogging. Connected by good food for a reasonable price, the real treat of the night was having my big fat Greek dinner with my new la.foodblogging family.

Papa Cristo's in LA
Street: 2771 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90006
T: 1.323.737.2970
free parking behind the restaurant or street parking (but don't forget using your club)


eatdrinknbmerry said...

All I can say is, "NO MORE OUZO". It was so funny how the rest of the night (after taking the shot), you had this sour expression on your face haha. That stuff is dangerous. I had a good time here even though the food was edible. I think i liked the appetizers like those greek turnovers (shows you how ignorant I am with Greek culture), sausages and yogurt dip. Mmmm.

BoLA said...

Hey EDnBM...Whatcha mean sour face? I'm all smiles. =) I loved the spinach filled spanakopitas. Those and the potatoes were my favorites of the night. Yeah, I was not too impressed with the lamb, chicken, beans...and I'm just not a big fan of strong cheese or olives. Maybe it's an acquired taste?

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