Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I'm so glad I stopped...
Fosselman's Ice Cream Co.

You know when you drive by a place and you have the sudden urge to make a quick u-turn into it?

That's what happened to me the other day. I was on my way to watch the Big (yet very disappointing) Game at my friend's place in Alhambra when all of a sudden, I saw a familiar sign in front of me.


In a quick moment, comments from my la.foodblogging friends came to mind. They were telling me that I needed to stop and go in. And then it hit me.

Ice Cream Company

I parked in their small side lot that accommodates only a select few and walked inside with great anticipation. Since I'm a sucker for all things sweet and could never pass on dessert, I couldn't wait for a refreshingly cool scoop of ice cream! In fact, I ended up with TWO scoops in my waffle cone. I opted for one of my favorite flavors, Lychee, and it was just as I thought it would be: Sweet, creamy, delicious. But I've got to say that Lychee's probably not the best kind of ice cream to have in a waffle cone. In the end though, I didn't let that stop me from munching it all down.

I also picked up this tub of Mango Sorbet for the rest of the party. Tart and tangy, it packed quite the fruity punch. Not my favorite, but worth a taste nonetheless. I think next time, I'll just stick with the Lychee.

Fosselman's Ice Cream Co.
Street: 1824 W. Main St., Alhambra, CA 91801
T: 1.626.282.6533

hours: M-Sat | 10am-10pm; Sun | 11:30am-10pm


djjewelz said...

Fosselman's is the shizzo! Doesn't help that I live 10 minutes from the place. We get spoiled.

BoLA said...

Hi DJjewelz! You are one lucky and definitely spoiled ice cream lover! Now I've got some Fosselman-envy. ;)

musicplayer said...

yummy, damn i want it's,

McMango Grubber said...

Where's my mango sorbet : (

I can make it tempura style, or try my hand at wrappin some mochi around it.

BoLA said...

Hi Musicplayer! Thanks for stopping by and I totally feel ya...absolutely yum! I want some now too!

McMango! You are a grubber! hahaha...we can go get some special together if you'd like. ;) Love the tempura ice cream but love mochi ice cream way more! What's the plan for this weekend???

ben said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ben said...

Fosselman's probably has the best lychee ice cream I've ever had. Also, the Taro is surprisingly good!

BoLA said...

Hi Ben! Hmm...Taro ice cream? Will definitely have to try that one too! Thanks for the recommendation!

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