Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy 2006 New Year!

In just a mere second, it was all over.

Ring in the new year. It's 2006.

But 2005 was a good year full of fun memories, and I've got this Best of LA blog to help me remember the good times, the good people, the good eats.

Many of my New Year's celebrations have been uneventful or not one for the blog books. Last year, I was dateless at a huge party in Hollywood and got kissed on the cheek by my girlfriend and her partner in crime. And the years before were just as blah or ones that I have already forgotten. Many memorable ones were spent with friends and family...

Including this latest New Year's fare. We started a day earlier with MM's birthday bash on the eve of New Year's Eve. With homemade buttery cake (thanks to C!), drinks in hand (thanks to D!), and a bunch of cool Angelenos, we celebrated the end of a great year with fun, laughter, and good times!

MS and I continued the libations over a quick dinner with friends at Casa de Escobar. Nothing fancy there, I had the beef taco, cheese enchilado, chile rellano combo with a Corona and slice of lime. It reminded me of any other Mexican restaurant and didn't really do much for me. It was really all about the company this time, definitely not the food.

The best part of the evening was the countdown with MS and our own little table for two with a bottle of Vons bought Korbel's for a little bubbly.

And then...there was the feast of the New Year.

Ba-chan made lots of Japanese New Year's goodies. Ones that I can't name. Ones that I avoid, except for the sweetly cooked potatoes and the deliciously fluffy egg/fish-cakes. Overly salted, vinegared, or pickled foods aren't friends with my tastebuds so I steer clear of my grandma's daikon, umeboshi, and the like.

Instead, I piled my plate high full of steamed crab legs, hawaiian sweet ribs, asian bbq ribs, teriyaki shrimp, panko shrimp, cha shu, peppered tri-tip, and lots of sashimi! A family tradition, we purchase our shrimps from Mrs. Friday's Fishking Processors. My grandma's place of employment for many years, "Mrs. Friday’s legacy began in Los Angeles with Masashi Kawaguchi, a young Japanese-American with a vision for his father’s oyster business. Driven by a commitment to customer service and product quality, Masashi expanded the family business and founded Fishking Seafood in 1955."

I can remember the days my ji-chan and I would pick her up from work after school. The smell of shrimp and panko flour filled the halls of Fishking, and I would save my fifty cents to purchase a soda from their visitors' lounge vending machines.

Another one of my favorite family potluck items, courtesy of our family sashimi connection, is always the platter of fresh slices of endless maguro. Oishikatta!

Casa Escobar
Street: 2500 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90403
T: 1.310.828.1315
Valet or Street Parking

Mrs. Friday's Fishking Processors, Inc.
Street: 1320 Newton Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021


Brian said...

happy new year!

BoLA said...

Hi Brian! Happy New Year to you too!

Kirk said...

Hi Kristy - That's the great thing about New Year! So much of it are about traditions, both old; and new ones'. I particularly enjoyed reading about your Family's "connections", we had our own for sashimi, and other must have items back home. It seems that everyone has their favorite Osechi-ryori, and there are several that I steer clear of. Best wishes for a great New Year to you!

BoLA said...

Hi Kirk! Yes..I'm all about the traditions. Such a sucker for that stuff. Yes, I absolutely love our family sashimi platters. Such a treat during birthdays and holidays! Here's to a great New Year full of good eats, good people, and good things to do!

Korbel McDoogle said...

Happy New Years babe! Spending it with you was awesome.

did u know korbel beat out crystalle in a blind taste test 8 times out of ten?

just kidding.... ha ha

BoLA said...

McDoogle! I've never tried Crystalle before. Is it any good??? I can't believe Smirnoff beat out Ketel One in those blind taste tests! ;)

just passing through said...


I'm just passing thru and noticed your blog :-)

Is Mrs. Friday's Fish King connected to the Fish King Seafood retailer in Glendale? Did they spin that off some years ago?

Curious minds want to know.

btw- Your gochiso looks totemo UMAI! Most of my Nikkei friends have ba-chan's who're way too old to be doing all that cooking. You're lucky!

BoLA said...

Thanks for passing through and leaving a comment! =)

Happy New Year to you too! Well... I did a google search on the Fish King Seafood in Glendale and found this information:

"Hank credits his father, who owned a corner grocery store, with teaching him the importance of customer service and other vital ingredients for success. Hank, a third generation Japanese American, was earning money for college by working part-time at the original Fish King. In 1956, when the owner left the company to run a highly successful shrimp processing business, (Mrs. Friday's Seafood Products), he sold the market to Hank and his Uncle Harry."

From the website

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