Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Power of Words:
Going Back Home in Lahaina

Lahaina, Maui. I was 16 when my Auntie took me to stay on the beaches of Kapalua Bay, and I knew that it was a place I'd love to go back to again. I fell in love with everything about the island - the wind, the surf, the sun, the rain, the people, the FOOD, and the music. And as I listen to one of my favorite songs from the islands ~ "Ka Wai Punahele," I'm reminded of the artist Keali'i Reichel whose enchanting vocals fill the room. This Lahaina native sings about...

"Ka Wai Punahele... a spot hidden from traffic, a place shared only among your closest friends. There is a depth to this water. The currents wander down from Pali Ku, tumbling over rocks and caressing banks filled with fragrant laua'e and 'awapuhi. With every glistening ripple the water invites you in—listen carefully to its voice. Rest your guitar against the nearest koa tree. Spread your moena. Dive in, splash around, and spend an afternoon in the sun with friends...'Here is my song for you, oh heavenly one, the Favorite Waters of Pali Ku.'"

So before I flew out to Michigan for a friend's wedding, MS took me to dinner Back Home in Lahaina down in Manhattan Beach. My first visit to this Hawaiian style restaurant was back in 2002 with a few of my college buddies. Many thanks to JT, formerly Miss JW, for introducing me to this local eats.

The restaurant had a very laid back, casual atmosphere where there's plenty of aloha to go around. We were seated right away as it was fairly early for dinner that Thursday evening, and we ordered a favorite drink of mine, Hawaiian Sun's Lilikoi as we waited for our Island Style Fried Chicken. Reminiscent of the fried chicken from Gardena's The Loft, these moist little nuggets of sweet chicken definitely satisfied the palate. The portions were large for just the "bowl" and I couldn't finish my plate. I was so excited to leave with LEFTOVERS!

Lucky for me, I was equipped with a late night snack as I waited for my red-eye flight to Detroit Metro. Mmm...mmm...mmm! You gotta love leftover fried chicken and rice! Maybe next time though, I'll be flying back to Lahaina. A girl can dream.

Back Home in Lahaina
Street: 916 N Sepulveda Bl in Manhattan Beach
tel: 1.310.374.0111


Kirk said...

Hi Kristy - Someone told me on the "coconut wireless" that this place had the same owners as the Loft. Is that true?

Brian said...

love kawaipunahele...I think i can play it on the harry connick "when harry met sally" island style fried chicken (although i haven't been to Back home in Lahaina yet) have great taste!

BoLA said...

Kirk: Hmm...not sure about that. I always suspected it to be true because the food is so similar. Will have to do some PI work! ;)

Brian: I know! You have good taste too! How are things on your end?

Jeff said...

FYI: One of the 2 of the 4 owners of Back home used to be a part of the old Loft in Gardena, when it used to be called The Loft at Punalu. These two owners opened The Loft at Lahaina formerly on Artesia and Yukon. They then decided to distance themselves from the "Loft" name and re-named their two new restaurants "Back Home in Lahaina."

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