Friday, October 14, 2005

Imagawayaki in Little Tokyo:
Little buns of sweetness

Growing up in Los Angeles, my family and I would drive down to Little Tokyo pretty regularly as part of our usual routines. I took my first Odori dance lesson there, had my first round bowl haircut there, had Japanese bento lunches with my grandmother there, fed the koi fish there in the Pacific Square when they had a pond, and watched with delight and anticipation as the Imagawayakis were freshly made behind the store front window of Mitsuru Cafe.

Don't mind the "B" rating on the window that's in this picture taken with my Motorola camera phone. The little buns of sweetness make it all worth while!

So what exactly is an Imagawayaki? Well, let me tell you! They're a cross between a pancake and a waffle, but with a sweet filling of an [red bean paste] inside. Usually sold at carnivals, festivals, and other fun places, these treats are generally made with a set of cast iron or cast aluminum pans over direct heat. Sometimes it gets so hot in the front of this little restaurant, that steam from the cooking pans rise up and fog up all the windows.

The last time I went to Little Tokyo with my family, we picked up a foil lined bag of Imagawayakis. Kept warm, the beans were soft and moist. Mmm...mmm...what a treat!

Mitsuru Cafe
Street: 117 Japanese Village in Little Tokyo
T:1.213.613.1028 | closed on Mondays


Kirk said...

Hi Kristy - We love checking out Mitsuru when we're in Little Tokyo, and sometimes pick up some fishcake and other stuff.

BoLA said...

Hi Kirk: Yeah, this was always a stop over when I was in Little Tokyo! Mmm...mmm... that, some mochi, shaved ice, and maybe some cream puffs! =)

Mark Kawayoshi said...

I used to eat here at lunch, back in the days when I could take a lunch. We would just take the Dash from our office. We used to get ramen or their lunch specials. Their ramen is okay, not the best and not the worst, but their lunch specials are a good value. Nice cozy Japanese cafe.

BoLA said...

Mark: Nice...wish I could catch the Dash to get to J-town for lunch. Lots of good eats in Little Tokyo. :)

gt said...

I used to eat so many of those. But then they got too expensive. Had to limit myself.

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