Saturday, July 09, 2005

Joan's on Third

Last Saturday I drove to a quaint little deli/restaurant in LA on Third Street to meet MM for a late lunch and some dessert. I had half of her BLT which was amazingly delicious. Didn't think you could make a BLT better than the ones Mom used to make, but Joan's sandwich was pretty close. The bacon was meaty and crisp, just the way I like it. Although I wanted to sample every dessert at Joan's - from the chocolate frosted chocolate cupcake that the little boy at the next table was eating to the creme filled chocolate cupcake on display behind the counter - I decided to go with the below cake with berries. The name escapes me, but this dessert definitely hit the spot!

Joan's also had a great selection of other sandwiches, organic and health conscious goods, and mouthwatering sweets were also plentiful. A great place for individuals looking for a little respite with a cozy atmosphere, couples, and families - this small gem of a restaurant catered to all. Great food, great location, great people - one of LA's best!

@ Joan's on Third

Joan's on Third
Street: 8350 W. Third Street in Los Angeles
T: 1.323.655.2285


Brian said...

hey kristy. you always make food sound so yummy. mmm. bacon makes everything good. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey you...

If you like Joan's on Third, you should also try Urth Caffe & Mani's Bakery & Cafe. Both are yuuuummy!

<3 Jessica

k&h said...

I live near here, and always drive by this busy place. After reading this post, I must try to stop by one of these days. Thanks! :)

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